Bridal Headbands

Fall in love with our simply stunning collection of bridal headbands. Subtle yet strikingly glamorous, our headbands work beautifully with a vast array of wedding hairstyles. Many of our brides use our headbands to brilliant beautiful effect, either wearing them as a halo to enhance an intricate hair design or nestled amongst loose, tousled locks.

You’ll find a headband to suit every bridal style, from simple, elegant crystal clusters on a tulle band, to bohemian style floral headbands and headdresses for a natural, unstructured look.

Wedding and Bridal Headbands

Our award-winning collection of headbands are either hand-selected from sources around the world, or meticulously hand-crafted to our design. Inspired by the romance of past eras, our headbands are a contemporary take on a classic headpiece. As such our headbands are made of all types of materials and finishes. Vintage style bridal headbands comprise rose gold, ivory pearls and floral accents, while modern statement headbands comprise crystals, rhinestones, lace and even organza flowers. For beach-bound brides, there’s even a wedding headband decorated with delicate shells, pearls and crystals.

Beautifully Crafted Bridal and Bridesmaids Headbands

Our bridal headbands are the perfect accessory to finish your wedding hair and makeup. Simple, stylish and easy to wear, they are a must piece for brides and bridesmaids too.

If you have any questions about our hairbands, or how to wear a bridal headband, please get in touch here.

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