How to Wear a Bridal Tiara

How to Wear a Bridal Tiara

An elegant tiara is the ultimate bridal hair accessory, worn by everyone from princesses to popstars. We often get questions from brides-to-be asking how to wear a tiara (how does it stay in place? Where does the veil go? How big is too big?!) and what style to choose. To answer all your questions, we’ve put together this essential guide to wearing a tiara headpiece.

How do you wear a bridal tiara?

Tiaras are super versatile and complement a huge range of bridal hairstyles, including up- dos, down-dos and half-up, half-down dos. You can wear them on their own – either slightly towards the front of the head, or further back like a hair band – or with a veil. The sides of the tiara tuck into the hair so they aren’t visible.

How do you wear a tiara with a veil?

Tiaras look stunning with a veil. Some veils already have a comb attached allowing it to be pinned easily and neatly behind the tiara. This is ideal if you want to remove your veil for the reception. If your veil doesn’t have a comb, you can ask one to be sewn in – it only needs a few discrete stitches. Alternatively, your veil can be pinned into place with wedding hair pins.

How do you wear a tiara with a two-tier veil?

A two-tier wedding veil, as worn by Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, has a ‘blusher’ section for covering the face, and a longer tier at the back. The two pieces should be pulled backwards behind the tiara and fixed snuggly into position, ensuring there isn’t a gap between the headpiece and veil.

Some brides prefer the security of having their veil sewn to the edge of the tiara with invisible thread. However, if you want to wear your tiara without the veil later, it can be fixed into position with a comb, hair pins or even discreet snaps. Before the ceremony the blusher is pulled forward over the tiara before being lifted back for the great reveal! Ta da!

What types of tiara are there?

There is a dazzling array of tiaras out there to suit every bride’s taste. The main types are:

Royal or Regal Tiara – These are traditional style tiaras as seen on royalty. The designs are strong, often with tapered edges which rise to a point in the middle. Regal tiaras usually have a show-stopping jewel in the centre – see Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie’s wedding headpieces for inspiration!

If you can’t borrow one from the Queen’s personal collection, don’t worry we have plenty of pretty replicas. Our stunning Harper and Hailey tiaras beset with crystals are based on a royal tiara design and look beautiful with or without a veil.

Wishbone Tiara – Wishbone headpieces comprise single or double rows which gently curve to a small point. The design is delicate and feminine, ideal for a romantic or vintage wedding. This Savannah tiara with rhinestones, crystals and pearls is reminiscent of the wishbone design, with a low profile and subtle peak.

Bandeau Tiara – Bandeau tiaras are low profile tiaras which rise only slightly across the centre, making them more understated than a full regal tiara.

Our Skye tiara with ivory pearl crystals and white roses is a sophisticated and dainty take on the traditional royal tiara.

Headband Tiara – Easy to wear and adjust, these tiaras sit on a headband frame and usually sit low to, or flat across the head. These are great if you want the glamour of a tiara without the height or fuss. Our crystal and pearl Estella bridal headband is a real favourite and looks lovely with or without a veil.

Bridal Hair Vines – If a tiara feels too much, a contemporary take on traditional tiaras are hair vines. Made of fine, flexible wire they can be worn in a huge variety of ways; as a headband, a circlet – around the circumference of the head – across the forehead or entwined through braids and buns.

Our gold Collette hair vine with flower detail suits all kinds of bridal hairstyles.

How big is too big?

It is all a matter of personal taste. Tiaras are statement pieces, so anything too tall and sparkly will draw attention. To avoid looking over the top, stick to sophisticated, subtle designs or go for more relaxed options such as a bridal head vine [link to https://] or headband [link to headbands/]. Also, consider your location, while a tiara is perfect for church or hotel wedding, for off-road venues, such as woodland, festival and beach weddings, soft, subtle hair accessories are key.

Need more advice?

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